Life is like a bowl of dumplings

Laura Nhem
2 min readAug 14, 2020

Life is like a bowl of dumplings, you never know what you’re gonna get….except if you are alone at the restaurant or if you made them at home or…anyway, you get the point.

Did you ever eat soup dumplings? They are super comforting on a rainy autumn day.

But then, you bite into one and it splatters on you. How could you do this to me little dumpling? Can I trust you again? Mmm….I’m not sure.

(eats another one) My bad, I wasn’t careful the first time. Sorry for blaming you juicy dumpling!

(eats another one) Oh, this was a yuuuummy experience without the mess! You are the most amazing little thing and you give me so much happiness. This time, I’ll try you with some hot pepper sauce.

(eats another one) It’s a party in my mouth! I shall finish you, my big bowl of dumplings!

(eats another one) Oh no, you splattered me again! I forgot about that and wasn’t careful.

(eats another one) I was careful this time but still got some on my dress. Maybe I should stop eating you as to not ruin my dress.

Do I trust myself to take another bite without you spitting on me? Okay, you are too good for me not to give it another try.

(eats more) What is life without the taste of you? I take back everything I said. I love you I love you I love you.

My dress is dirty but I got to finish this suuuuper duuper yummy bowl of soup dumplings! It was allll worth it…because I don’t pay for my clothes, I’m just a kid.



Laura Nhem

2nd Gen Canadian. Decorator in the Montreal tv & film industry. One-time podcaster. Life is absurd.